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7 TIPS: Digital Onboarding 



Lär dig varför digital onboarding är avgörande på framtidens rörliga arbetsmarknad och hur din lyckade rekrytering blir produktiv och engagerad redan första dagen


How to increase productivity from day 1 – and make new hires happier

  • Why shorter employee life cycles will (and should) transform your onboarding process

  • Know the key pillars of digital onboarding – with a blended approach

  • How your new hires reach full productivity 34% faster

  • The vital (and often-overlooked) phase  of onboarding and how to easily  integrate it

  • How to get started with effective digital onboarding that your new hires will love – and free up lots of time for you

"We have been able to collect and clarify previously distributed content and simplified it. Participants can now complete training when, how and where it suits them. They can split trainings and go through a few activities and modules at a time, complete them from the computer, mobile or iPad, and so on. Hopefully this has made it easier for our employees to take the time to develop skills."

"We wanted to build a digital learning platform that in step one would serve as a good introduction to Pinchos. Today we have effective learning. The scalability is there and we can teach Pinchos to everyone in the same way. With the English language, we now also reach our restaurants outside Sweden in a good way."

People Operations Business Partner, Aditro

HR-Manager, Pinchos

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